February 1957, the first meeting of the Providence Church was held at the Masonic Temple with founding members the late Mr. and Mrs. James (Sally) McKinney with the 1st Pastor, Rev. Roosevelt Coopwood. Wednesday night was designated to be Prayer Meeting, Bible Study, and Mission Night.


Many sites were used for services, from downtown Sandusky, to Farwell Street & again back downtown.  Once it came to the Searsville area others stepped in to help in the organization of the Church.  Many thanks to the help of Pastor Tucker and the New Jerusalem Church family for all of their help and support.


In Searsvile, services were held in a garage owned by Mr.  & Mrs. Jesse Whitfield on Doerzbach, to the front porch on Carbon Avenue owned by Aunt Tooney.  Later a partially built house became available, that original house sat across the street from what is now our church.  After this move the church came to a standstill.


After the passing of Pastor Coopwood, Pastor Young served for a short period of time.  No records were found of the time served by Pastor Young, only the recollections of many account for him.  After Pastor Young moved away, Pastor Jordan became the pastor of Providence.


The church began to grow again under Pastor Jordan, and the building (which is now our Offices and children church) became available.  The tireless effort of many gone on, worked to purchase this building.  In its growth now, Deacon Dave Aaron became the first official Deacon of the church.


Under Pastor Jordan, Pastor Sparks served as Assistant Pastor and Rev. Eddie Brown later joined him. In 1962, Pastor Jordan became ill and moved back to Waynesboro, Mississippi.  2 years later Pastor Brown became the 4th Pastor of Providence and served in that position for the next 25 years, until his homegoing.  Under Pastor Brown’s leadership the original building was enlarged, a baptism pool was installed and a lot was purchased by the Pastor’s Aide Committee. (That lot is the present day’s parking lot.)  A Severe flood plagued the Searsville area in the 60’s, and most of the church’s original records were destroyed, but the building survived. In November 1971, Dec. Aaron started a building fund with $1.00.  In November 1977, the members of Providence celebrated with a weeklong service and marched into a new building.  That building is the building we currently still serve in as our Sanctuary.  Many more goals were achieved, a second lot purchased, and a bus and van purchased for transportation.


In 1981, Rev. Samuel Mickles joined and became the Assistant Pastor to Rev. Brown.  The two of them worked together leading and guiding the church until the Passing of Rev. Brown in February 1989.  Pastor Mickles carried on the services, keeping the members united as interim Pastor and in 1990; he became the 5th Pastor of Providence Baptist Church.


Pastor Mickles, carried God’s Message and led the Providence Baptist Church, to enhance the growth of the church, physically and spiritually.  There were many updates to the church, more lots purchased, a billboard erected by the Late Bro. Ervin McCoy, new and updated equipment throughout the church.  In August 1993 blueprints were drawn up to put on a new addition to the church.

In 1997, Winkler Builders were contracted to build a new hall, and on June 7th, 1998 groundbreaking ceremonies were held, a new hall was erected and on February 21, 1999, morning worship service was held in the hall, dedicating the new Building. Many city and county officials, along with local congregations attended a great feast after witnessing the members of Providence make a vow of commitment and giving thanks to the Lord for his blessings.

In the year 2000, work began on the old fellowship hall, renovating the Pastor’s Study, the bathrooms and a new secretary’s office.  Bro. Josiah Brown was the official contractor, working along with Deacon Earl Brown & the late Deacon Charles Shoemo they worked on the Pastor’s study and the bathroom, while Bro. Sidney Robinson remodeled the old kitchen into a secretary’s office.

So much work has been done in the building up of the church, vans purchased, more lots purchased, carpeting, pews upholstered, computers, storage building and much, much more.

Spiritually we were blessed to ordain as a deacon, Bro. Scottie Aaron (a descendent of our 1st Deacon Dave Aaron) in June 2003.  Deacon Scottie Aaron was the first deacon ordained by Pastor Mickles.  God enriched this young man and in July 2004 he preached his 1st Sermon.  And later served as Pastor of the Cornerstone Missionary Baptist Church, Sandusky for 6 years.

On June 22, 2006 Providence was again struck by a devastating flood, the entire church had to be gutted and redone, pews and floors that had just been restored in February 06, were soaked in water, no services could be held in the church.


Determined to stand, services were held outside under the trees for several weeks and then because of brotherly love the Columbus Avenue Methodist Church allowed Providence to hold services in their Fellowship Hall.


In August of that year, our 49th Church anniversary services were held at Ebenezer Baptist Church.  After several months we were able to have our services again in the fellowship hall and there we served until October 2007 and 1 year and 4 months later we were able to march back into our newly remodeled –updated sanctuary.


On Sunday, September 6, 2009 Ordination Services for Brother Richard Ward were held and he was ordained Deacon Richard Ward.


In October of 2011, after 21 years of faithful service to Providence Missionary Baptist Church, Pastor Samuel Mickles preached his retirement sermon on October 30, 2011.

In November 2012, a Pastoral Search Committee was formed to search for our new Pastor. In February 2012, a church meeting was held and church voted to accept Pastor Scottie L. Aaron as the 6th Pastor of record for the Church. Under Rev. Aarons leadership, many things have been accomplished, an erection of a conference room, Wall of Honor in the administrative wing, purchased a 30 passenger bus, Media Ministry room and recording equipment purchased. With Pastor Aaron’s vision to remove the debt of the church, in 2013 $20,000.00 was raised to pay off the rental property, in 2014 the church raised $22,000.00 and in October of 2015 the church raised 25,400.76 to pay off the fellowship hall, which is now name the Samuel Mickles Fellowship Hall.


On December 13, 2015 the Providence Missionary Baptist Church celebrated with a mortage burning ceremony. We the members of the Providence Missionary Baptist Church believe that with God all things are possible.


On Sunday January 3, 2016 Ordination Services for Bro. Marcus Chaney & Bro. Leon Cooley were held and both were ordained as Deacons.

In September of 2016, Rev. Dr. Scottie L. Aaron & 1st Lady Holly Aaron announced to the church that the family would be leaving Providence and he had accepted the call to Pastor the Friendship Missionary Baptist Church in Columbus, Ohio. Dr. Aaron delivered his last sermon as the Senior Pastor of Providence Missionary Baptist Church on October 30, 2016. To this day, As the Pastoral seat is still vacant the Providence Missionary Baptist Church family continues to uphold their vow and commitment to Glorify and Praise the Lord for all he has done for us and all that he continues to do.  

The church remained bonded as a family until April 29, 2018, when Pastor Joseph M.A. Strong accepted the call to be the next pastor of record. Pastor Joseph M.A. Strongs installation was held on September 30, 2018.